Channel Letter Signs add a dynamic edge to your branding, most of these signs in Toronto are 3D lettering and shapes. Created from a range of materials and illuminated in a number of creative ways for bold, high impact marketing.

The ideal Custom Channel Letters Signs should stand out among competitors and reflect the image you want your company to portray. They are achieved through effective design, the use of high-quality materials. As well as experienced Signs Companies in Toronto or Signs Company in North York.

The effect that shop front signs can have on a business is continually underestimated. In essence, it is the difference between being noticed and not being noticed. Also, it is the difference between beating the competitor or losing to them.

A tried-and-true element in successful business signage, Channel Letters offer many advantages for those seeking cost-effective, memorable ways to communicate via long-lasting signage. Signs Express has unmatched expertise in designing, fabricating, installing, and maintaining these highly customizable, extremely vivid, and long-lasting signage elements.

We can fabricate channel letters for you in almost any font or graphical shape, in almost any size, colour, texture, or style to suit your message, brand, and purpose.

Choose from Face Lit or Halo Lit channel letters. We’re experts at both. “Face Lit” letters glow from the front of the sign. “Halo Lit” letters glow from the rear, effectively outlining your message in light against a suitably contrasting background.

As you can see in our portfolio, channel letter signage displayed in front of a solid color background can be easily visible and highly recognizable across the street, across a parking light, or across a large interior space. Since there is effectively no limit on the size of channel letters, there’s equally no limit on the distance they can project your message.